Chesterfield neighbourhoods with the most reports of antisocial behaviour incidents

Pictured are the Chesterfield areas with the most reports for antisocial behaviour between February and April.

Friday, 10th June 2022, 1:32 pm
Updated Friday, 10th June 2022, 1:32 pm

The data was taken from Derbyshire Police’s most up-to-date crime statistics for the town – available at

One of the neighbourhoods included in attracted 155 reports to police over the three-month time period.

The Crime and Disorder Act defines antisocial behaviour is defined as “acting in a manner that caused or was likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons”.

Typical behaviours include excessive or persistent noise, abusive or insulting behaviour, shouting, screaming, swearing or drunkenness, using violence or threatening to use violence, vandalism, graffiti or fly–tipping and using cars or motorbikes illegally.

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