Coroner requests more information after death of much-loved Derbyshire mum

A coroner has requested to hear more information at an inquest into the death of a Derbyshire mum.
An inquest into the death of a much-loved Derbyshire mum has been adjourned.An inquest into the death of a much-loved Derbyshire mum has been adjourned.
An inquest into the death of a much-loved Derbyshire mum has been adjourned.

Alison Sutton, 53, of Heathfield Close, Dronfield, was found dead in bed at her home on March 10, 2018.

Ms Sutton was on pain killers for chronic back pain after suffering an injury while working as a nurse in 1992.

She also suffered from anxiety and depression.

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Ms Sutton was admitted to Chesterfield Royal Hospital on March 6, 2018.

The mum-of-two was discharged on March 8 but died two days later.

Coroner Mr Nieto said the inquest was being held as Ms Sutton may have died as a result of taking too much prescription medication.

There were no suspicious circumstances and no suicide note.

At the inquest in Chesterfield on Tuesday, coroner Peter Nieto decided that he would need to request information from Chesterfield Royal Hospital about its decision-making in discharging Ms Sutton before he could record a conclusion.

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“I think there is an agreement that we need further evidence,” Mr Nieto said.

The court heard that Ms Sutton was born in Hanover, Germany, before moving to Sheffield and then Dronfield.

She worked in nursing but suffered a back injury while moving a patient and was no longer in employment.

Ms Sutton was single and had two sons.

Due to her chronic back pain she was on pain killers and was mainly housebound.

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The inquest heard that Ms Sutton apparently had packets of medication hidden in socks, bags and draws at her home.

She did not want anyone else interfering with how she took her medication and had full control over it, the court heard.

She was deemed to have the capacity to manage her own medication.

But concerns increased in 2017 into how she was managing her medication.

Mr Nieto adjourned the inquest and said he was requesting the relevant information be provided within six weeks.