Chesterfield’s MP to meet with school over flooded path

Parents who have repeatedly complained about flooding problems at their children’s school had to collect their youngsters via a field after a notorious path became swamped with up to eight inches of water.

Thursday, 12th June 2014, 2:26 pm
Pictured is a path on the route to Hady Primary School, Chesterfield, which is repeatedly flooding.

Journeys to and from Hady Primary School, Chesterfield, have previously been thwarted by up to a foot of water along the path from Hady Lane.

And the school fired out warning texts after the downpour on Monday for parents to collect their children through a field at the side of the school, off Hady Lane, or via a footpath from Spital.

They were also urged to wear Wellington boots and were told Derbyshire fire service would be alerted to help pump out and drain the problem area.

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One angry parent, who declined to be named, said: “This school lane floods constantly. It’s always bad but when there has been as much rain as this week it makes it dangerous and clothes get messed up.

“No one seems to know or admit who owns the land or the path and no one seems to take responsibility so it can be fixed.” Earlier this year, mum Kelly Bannister started a petition

to present to Derbyshire County Council hoping the path - which is believed to be owned by the council and the Highways Agency - would be improved.

She explained that during really bad weather no one should walk through it and the only option to get to and from the school is to walk from the other side of Spital which can add 35 minutes to a journey.

The council stated previously that it is working with landowners to find a solution.

Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins is also meeting with staff at the school, on Friday, June 13, to discuss problems with the path.

He said: ““This issue is unfortunately a longstanding one which has been affecting pupils and families at Hady School for years. I strongly feel that a permanent resolution to the path’s maintenance and drainage is long overdue. That’s why I had already planned to visit the site along with county councillors and decision makers on Friday to bring everyone together and work to resolve this issue once and for all.”