Chesterfield Royal Hospital patients will be able to watch England v Croatia World Cup semi-final for FREE

Chesterfield Royal Hospital patients will be able to watch tonight's World Cup semi-final between England and Croatia for free.
Come on, England!Come on, England!
Come on, England!

Commercial contractor Hospedia has agreed to carry out work on the system this afternoon to enable every bedside TV to show the big game.

The usual charges have been waived for a nominal fee of £1 per bedside - which the hospital's charity has agreed to pick up - so that everyone has the opportunity to hopefully experience England making it through to Sunday's final for the first time since 1966.

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Sarah Turner-Saint, head of communications at the Royal, said: "We wanted to give everyone in the hospital the chance to celebrate what we hope will be an amazing win!

"All our TVs will be switched to the match and we asked Hospedia if they could make this happen at our patients' bedsides.

"The Chesterfield Royal Hospital Charity stepped in, so our patients and their families can watch the match and join in the fun if they want to.

"Although people are in a hospital bed because they're poorly, or they’re recovering from surgery, the chance to see some potential football history being made - just after we've marked the 70th anniversary of the NHS - might just give them an extra boost.

"We're taking it one step at a time - but hoping for a repeat performance on Sunday!"

The match kicks off at 7pm in Moscow.