Chesterfield couple '˜will sue' Jeremy Kyle over '˜scum' slur

A Chesterfield man who was accused of being the '˜scum of the earth' on a hit TV show has said he plans to sue.

Tuesday, 2nd May 2017, 5:04 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:44 pm
Dean Allcock and Kerry-Ann Fielding on the Jeremy Kyle Show (Photo: ITV).

Dean Allcock, 54, of Kingsclere Walk, Grangewood, was challenged to appear on the Jeremy Kyle Show by his sisters, Iris and Irene.

They accused him of stealing £71,000 for their ill dad, and of not caring for him properly while he was living with them.

He said: “They are just trying to cause trouble and it is not working.

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Dean's sisters, Irene and Iris (Photo: ITV).

“They are not my family anymore - as far as I am concerned they are dead to me.

“I am going to sue Iris and Irene and I am going to sue Jeremy Kyle as well.

“When he called us the scum of the earth I was livid.”

A lie detector test conducted by the show said Dean had taken the money from his dad - but Dean says the results have been ‘twisted’.

Jeremy Kyle calls Dean and Kelly-Ann 'the scum of the earth' (Photo: ITV).

“The programme says I stole £71,000 but the guy doing the lie detector test just asked if my dad had given me any other money - it could be any amount,” said Dean.

“My dad has given me money all his life - I lived with him for years.

“Police turned up at my house with a sniffer dog searching it but I have got nothing to hide.”

Dean and his 22-year-old partner, Kelly-Ann Fielding are also accused of not caring for Dean’s dad properly while he lived with them.

Dean's sisters, Irene and Iris (Photo: ITV).

Iris and Irene allege their dad was just five stone when he was taken into a home and had to be washed twice because he was so dirty.

But Dean says he is confident the couple will be exonerated when the full story is released.

“Adult care have all the proof - we are just waiting for it to be released,” said Dean.

“Two social workers have said that my sisters need to get their facts right.”

Jeremy Kyle calls Dean and Kelly-Ann 'the scum of the earth' (Photo: ITV).

The troubled family are all set to appear on the show again in two weeks time - with equally explosive results.

That programme will examine the claim that a safe stolen from the family years ago was in fact taken by Dean.

But Dean says that another lie detector test conducted for that show proves his innocence.

“I took that lie detector test for that show and passed it,” he said. “Iris hasn’t even seen my dad for 30 years and Irene hasn’t seen him since 2003.”

“The next programme will rip all their lies to shreds.”