CHESTERFIELD CHAMPION: '˜It's a historic market town in the process of evolution'

My name is Lynne Dawson and I am a director at Q2 Creative.

Friday, 21st July 2017, 11:54 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 1:13 pm

We are, as the name suggests, a creative company specialising in design, marketing and website solutions.

I have lived in Chesterfield for most of my life, with comings and goings for university and early career moves, but have only recently based our business closer to home.

For many years, my business partner (Phil Swain) and I had based the business in Rotherham.

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However, our clients are nationwide, so when the opportunity came along to relocate to a great location near the motorway, we jumped at it.

We have worked together as a team since 1995. During that time, the company has grown, contracted and grown again with the economy.

Today, we have a compact but very skilled team of five people, combining design, marketing and website expertise.

1. What’s your best memory of the town?

Having a Saturday job and then spending my wages on the market at break time. In the days when the market was packed, there was a fabulous dress stall and someone selling wonderful shoes, I loved the market in those days.

2. What development do you think will make the biggest difference to the town?

There is such a lot of exciting activity at the moment that it’s hard to single one thing out. I think it all will combine to bring new energy, impetus and jobs to the town.

From the Chesterfield Waterside development, to the transformation of Elder Way, to Peak Resort.

3. How would you describe Chesterfield to someone who has never visited?

As a historic market town, in the process of evolution, in order to meet employment challenges and take advantage of opportunities such as HS2.

It has plenty of character, lots of potential and is full of friendly people.

4. What are the positives of running a business here?

There’s a great infrastructure, which makes it very easy to visit clients out of the area.

I have also found that local companies are much more open to seeing us on an exploratory basis, which is very refreshing as that wasn’t quite so often the case in South Yorkshire.

5. Who or what do you turn to in Chesterfield for business advice?

I find that the Chesterfield Champions group is the best source for keeping us up to date with developments – and for providing excellent events with networking opportunities.

6. Why did you choose to base your business in Chesterfield?

We’re based at Prospect House, Staveley, minutes from Junction 29A. It’s an excellent location for all our team to travel to work, and for any clients visiting.

7. Who do you admire in the community?

I admire the people who are working so hard to bring new developments and opportunities to fruition. From the individual entrepreneurs to the teams that support them, and the commitment from the local Council to help make the vision a reality. No single person – it’s a team effort.