Brothel keepers jailed after police raid Chesterfield flat and find naked sex worker

A pair of brothel keepers have been jailed after police raided a Chesterfield flat and found a sex worker and her client naked in a bedroom.

Thursday, 13th April 2017, 12:16 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 7:10 pm

Foo Ying Mee acted as the “cashier” at the property, while Feng Sun’s job was to answer the door and “keep the place tidy” for clients, a court was told.

But a judge has told them both he is sure there are “others above you who creamed off the profits”.

Abigail Joyce, prosecuting at Derby Crown Court, said police raided the top floor flat on November 28.

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She said: “The door to the flat was opened by Feng Sun and at the address were three other people.

“The co-defendant was in the kitchen trying to conceal two notebook and in one of the bedrooms there was another female who was naked and a naked man who was sat on the edge of the bed.

“The man was spoken to and said he had been told about an adult entertainment website which he looked at and made an appointment to visit the flat.

“He said when he got there, the door was opened by Feng Sun who directed him to a bedroom.

“He admitted he had gone there looking for sexual favours.”

Miss Joyce said the man had handed the sex worker £60 and she began to massage him.

“A short time later he heard someone shouting ‘it’s the police’.

“He said she grabbed a dressing gown from a wardrobe and he began to rapidly get dressed.”

Mee, 41 and Sun, 31, both of no fixed address, were arrested and answered “no comment” to then questions they were asked.

But they both later pleaded guilty to one count each of controlling prostitutes for gain.

Neither the sex worker nor her client were charged with any offences.

Judge Jonathan Bennett jailed Mee for eight months and Sun for two months.

He said: “It seems from the notebooks you had, Miss Mee, that many other people have gone there looking for sexual services and you acted as the administrator or cashier.

“You, Mr Sun, were the doorkeeper, there to look after any trouble that may arise and to look after the girls.

“It appears to be quite lucrative business but there is all sorts of dangers associated with this, not least health and that it attracts other undesirable people to the area.

“It can introduce vulnerable, young females to work in this dangerous trade but I don’t believe for a moment you were the organisers of this.

“I believe there were others above you that creamed off the profits.”

The offence took place at a flat in Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield and Dan Church, for Mee, said on her release his client wished to return to Malaysia to look after her elderly mother.

And Felicity Campbell, for Sun, said her client was “only involved for a single day” in the enterprise.