Ashfield MP who posed topless in her teens backs page 3 ban campaign

Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero is backing the campaign to stop the Sun newspaper’s page three topless models - after dabbling with the career as a teenager.
Gloria De PieroGloria De Piero
Gloria De Piero

More than 200,000 have signed the No More Page Three petition to put an end to the newspaper’s ‘soft porn’.

Many have stated they feel it is ‘outdated’ since the first publication of a bare-breasted woman in the 1970s.

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The Sun have not featured a topless woman on the page since Friday.

Gloria said it is offensive - after revealing she once tried topless modelling when she was just 15-years-old - as a way out of the benefits system.

“When you’re a little girl from a working-class background, you imagine that by 20 you’ll be married and probably have some children.

“I don’t want to make my parents feel bad, but obviously money matters. Living on benefits is a miserable life. I remember the giro came every two weeks – the first week was okay but the second wasn’t, you got a bit hungry,” she told Red magazine last year.

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“It was the era of Page Three. All those women seemed to have a better life than me. I thought it might be a route out,” she added.

Gloria said women should be able to do whatever they want - but is glad page three’s topless women may be on its way out.

She said: “This is great news and a great victory not just for campaigners but for all the men and women readers who have long-thought page three was outdated.

“As a Sun reader myself, I’m especially happy I won’t have to see bare boobs anymore when I’m trying to get the day’s news.”

Is Page Three out of date and sexist or just a bit of harmless fun? What do you think?

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