Animal rights’ group is being set up

An animal rights’ group is being set up covering Mansfield, Ashfield and Chesterfield.

A meeting will take place on Friday 23rd January at Cedar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kirkby, from 7-9pm to initally start up the North East Derbyshire & North Nottinghamshire Animal Rights’ group.

Local resident and animal campaigner, David Sommerville, is helping set up the group.

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He said: “Animals need a voice and that is what we plan to represent.

“There are so many cases where animals are cruelly and unfairly treated and we want to put a stop to it.”

He is also part of a Derby animal rights group and has had success and is hoping to replicate that in the Mansfield and Ashfield area.

He added: “We had a great response to shops selling fur and some markets selling foie gras, which is the liver of a duck or goose that has been purposely fattened .

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“Thanks to support and campaigning from other like minded people, they stopped selling the items.

“We need more people to be aware of what animals have to go through for these products. And we, as animal loving people need to say this is not acceptable.

Mr Sommervillle said he wanted to get others to join the group.

He added: “We want to have peaceful protests, so anyone who feel this way is welcome to come along to the meeting and take a stand.

For more information contact Mr Sommerville on 07592008313 or e-mail [email protected].

Alternatively, visit