Alfreton Hall takes action over '˜super loud' fireworks

Alfreton Hall is taking action after scores of people complained about '˜super loud' fireworks there.
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An online petition states that the fireworks are let off on a weekly basis at night when couples get married at the venue – scaring pets and waking people up.

The petition, which has so far been signed by almost 100 people, adds: “These super loud fireworks can be heard across the whole of Alfreton.

“People have, quite frankly, had enough of it now.”

Alfreton Hall.Alfreton Hall.
Alfreton Hall.
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Colin Davies, chief executive at Alfreton Hall, said around 20 couples choose to add a fireworks finale to their special day every year. The displays last between seven and ten minutes.

He added: “In consideration of the petition we are more than happy to listen and take on board the views of residents.

“In this instance we have made the decision to offer quiet fireworks as an option to our customers for future wedding bookings.

“In addition to this we aim to style the displays where possible so that the louder fireworks are saved until the last minute of each display for the most part.

“We feel this will keep the noise levels down within a manageable timeframe and result in minimal disruption for residents,” he added.