ADULTS ONLY: New Derbyshire author eyes '˜50 Shades' style success

A new author from Derbyshire has just penned and self-published her very first novel - a racy retelling of the true story of her astonishing life.

Wednesday, 21st September 2016, 4:41 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 2:03 pm
Chelle Martinez has changed all the names and places in the novel to protect people.

And the 52-year-old - who writes under the pen name Chelle Martinez - is hoping her debut book will send pulses racing in the same way ‘50 Shades of Grey’ did for E.L. James.

The novel, ‘Vivian Edwards’, details the sexual adventures of its eponymous heroine as she juggles her hedonistic love life on the steamy paradise island of Fernando.

She said: “The book is based on true events that have happened in my life so I’ve had to change all the names and places to protect people.

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Chelle Martinez launched her book at the Fox and Hounds in Coxbench last Wednesday.

“At one stage I was leading a triple life with three men, none of whom knew about each other.

“The story was in the Daily Mirror and the Sun about 15 years ago because one of the men I was involved with was not very happy at the situation so got the papers involved and it made the headlines.

“At the time I was bombarded with Jerry Springer phoning me and other television shows trying to get me on there as well.

“I turned it all down because the timing wasn’t right, but the book is my way of giving my version of events rather than theirs.

Chelle Martinez launched her book at the Fox and Hounds in Coxbench last Wednesday.

“It was actually the main character in the book who said I should write a story about my experiences, so I did.”

Now settled down with her husband of nine years, she has been busy writing the book over the last four, self-publishing it last week with the help of Sheffield-based first-time writer agency, Wild Rosemary.

“It started out as a bit of fun and then it escalated to the point where the people who have read it really like it - I have got five star reviews on Amazon,” she says.

Looking back, the ‘local Derby girl’ says she has ‘no regrets’ about any of her previous relationships, describing them as ‘a learning curve’ which helped her get where she is now.

She says it has been a big help that all the people around her have been ‘really supportive’ and are behind her 100 per cent.

And she has this advice for anybody thinking of following in her footsteps - in life and in love.

“If anybody is thinking about writing a book - do it,” she says.

“And if anybody is thinking about having three blokes on the go at once - do it!

“Have your cake and eat it, that’s what I say!”

The film? How about Brad Pitt?

“The book launch went really well - we sold out,” she says, proudly.

“I made about 50 sales on the night and have sold about 35 online as well.

“I am hoping to have similar success as E.L. James so hopefully word of mouth can do it for me as well.”

When asked who she would like to play the leads if Vivian Edwards was made into a film, she toys with the idea of playing opposite Brad Pitt herself but instead opts for the classic combination of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.

Chelle says she has already started on her next book and is about a quarter the way through it so far.

“It is a follow-on from this one and takes the story up to the present day.”

Vivian Edwards can be bought in paperback or as an ebook from Amazon.

You can also follow Chelle on Facebook and on Twitter at