Accused murderer's defence comes under attack from blood analysis after stabbing

A forensic expert claims blood patterns at the scene of a stabbed man's death contradict a suspected murderer's assertions she woke with the fatally injured man on top of her after she had been attacked.

Tuesday, 27th March 2018, 1:18 pm
Updated Tuesday, 27th March 2018, 2:06 pm
Leon Pirdue

Derby Crown Court has heard during an on-going trial how Jade Grant, 26, of Chiltern Close, Loundsley Green, Chesterfield, allegedly murdered 32-year-old Leon Pirdue in her kitchen with a steak knife through his heart after he had accused her of spreading rumours about him cheating.

Forensic scientist Andrew Davidson, a leading expert in blood pattern analysis, told a hearing on Monday, March 26, the blood-stained 22.6cm long knife was recovered with Mr Pirdue’s blood-stained vest, t-shirt, jacket and jeans.

He claimed a downward blood-pattern analysis suggested Mr Pirdue was stabbed while upright and if Miss Grant had been lying on top of Mr Pirdue he would have expected blood transfer to the front of her dress which only had blood staining on the back and a cuff.

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Chiltern Close, Loundsley Green, Chesterfield.

Mr Davidson said: “In my opinion with the information provided the transfer of blood from Leon Pirdue onto the front of Jade Grant would be expected if he was injured and lying on top of her as she stated.

“If a person is lying on top of you, chest-to-chest, with blood stains on them you would expect the blood to transfer and the longer they are in that position the more likelihood the blood will transfer.”

He outlined Mr Pirdue’s undamaged, open jacket only had blood stains inside, his vest and t-shirt had stab type cuts and blood stains, and his jeans had downward-style spatters of blood spots almost like tear-drops.

Mr Davidson said: “The t-shirt and vest of Leon Pirdue had blood and damage to the chest fitting the stab wound he suffered. There was no damage to the jacket supporting the fact the jacket was open to some degree at the time he was injured.

Pictured is Derby Crown Court.

“There was some blood on the jacket but not heavy and it was on the inside-front and it had not soaked through to the other side.

“In my opinion, distribution of blood stain on the vest and t-shirt and the up-front left area of the jeans is in a downward direction supporting the initial injury of him being caused in an upright position.”

However, Miss Grant claims she was punched by Leon Pirdue, struck with a bottle of vodka causing her to fall and kicked causing her to pass out and she claims she woke lying on her back with Mr Pirdue fatally injured on top of her.

During cross-examination, by defence barrister Clive Stockwell QC, Mr Davidson conceded it was possible the jacket could have covered the blood-stained t-shirt preventing any transfer of blood to Miss Grant’s dress.

Chiltern Close, Loundsley Green, Chesterfield.

Mr Stockwell also argued it might have been possible for the stabbing to have happened as Mr Pirdue fell to the ground and he got up afterwards to which Mr Davidson said he could not say what position Mr Pirdue was in when he was stabbed but when he was bleeding he was upright.

The court previously heard how Miss Grant had been at a birthday party and had returned home with friends for an after-party at her home and Mr Pirdue, of Racecourse Road, Newbold, Chesterfield, had joined them.

However, Miss Grant and Mr Pirdue began arguing hours later about 7am, on September 17, after he had accused her of spreading rumours about him cheating on his girlfriend Corinne Bland.

Miss Grant claimed she was attacked and forced to the floor before she woke and alerted ambulance paramedics who found Mr Pirdue on his back.

Pictured is Derby Crown Court.

She told police she had found Mr Pirdue lying on top of her and she went looking for help and she had no recollection of stabbing him.

Prosecuting barrister Mike Evans QC also claimed Miss Grant made comments while the paramedics were dealing with Mr Pirdue including, ‘I’m going to prison, I have killed him,’.

But Mr Stockwell has urged the jury to consider whether the stabbing was accidental or in self-defence.

Jade Grant has pleaded not guilty to murder.

The trial continues.