A WHITWELL HAUNTING: 'Ghosts' crash kid's Easter disco at pub

A Whitwell landlady is convinced her pub is haunted after a customer snapped pictures of a marauding gang of 'ghosts' joining in at the venue's Easter disco.

Kay Towers, landlady at the Holmfield Arms on Station Road, was shocked when customer Zoe Allan came running to the bar after capturing the mysterious glowing ghouls on her phone.

Kay only recently took over the pub but says she began to feel a “strange presence” straight away, and says staff have even had their clothes “tugged”.

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She said: “I couldn’t believe it when Zoe showed me the pictures, I’ve never seen anything like it. They look like floating figures with eyes.

Is the Holmfield Arms haunted?Is the Holmfield Arms haunted?
Is the Holmfield Arms haunted?

“There was an Easter kid’s disco going on at the time, so I assumed they just wanted to join in.

“We often hold spiritual nights at the pub and a medium recently did some reiki healing here, so I don’t know if that disrupted anything.

“He investigated the cellar and said he felt the presence of a big, strong man. The building is really old, definitely over a century. We’ve seen pictures dating back to 1904.”

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Despite finding the pictures “bizarre”, Kay says she is not afraid of the paranormal intruders.

“They have a nice energy about them,” she added. “I don’t think they’re anything to be scared of. They look friendly.”

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