The 10 ‘most haunted’ spots in and around Derbyshire

Every place has its own ghost stories and legends that are passed on through time and Derbyshire is no exception.

Friday, 25th January 2019, 5:07 pm
Updated Friday, 25th January 2019, 5:08 pm
Most haunted

Here is our list of haunted spots that will give you the shivers.

1. Bolsover Castle. Built on an ancient burial ground near a town once described as "the Satanic capital of Britain" there are mysterious footsteps, muffled voices, slamming doors, cold sensations, and the feeling of being pushed
2.The Grand Pavilion, Matlock Bath. People have felt the sensation of being strangled in the cellar of this old theatre. The sound of ghostly children have been heard in various parts of the building.

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3. Elvaston Castle. The subject of many professional investigations, ghosts here include a maid and a strong woman along with The Grey Lady and The White Lady - who is said to be the ghost of Maria, wife of the 4th Earl.
4. Old Hall Hotel, Buxton. Room 26 was where Mary Queen of Scots stayed, before her execution in 1587. There are some guests who return year after year, saying they believe they can feel the 'presence' of Mary.
5. Haddon Hall, Bakewell. "O the vision of the cross at Haddon!" That was the last lament of of Arthur - older brother to King Henry the VIII - who swore that a ghost had prophesied his untimely demise during a stay at the hall.
6. Eyam village. The plagued cottages are said to be haunted by various spirits including a lady in a blue smock who wakes people up during the night. There is also the ghost of Sarah Mills, a servant who drowned in the well.
7. Tissington Hall. The presence of Mina FitzHerbet who died from her injuries caused by a fire at the 17th Century hall is said to be still be felt here. A man walks in the cellar and a bed has been known to rock while empty.
8. Tideswell/ Do you hear singing while wandering near the former Catholic Chapel on Church Street in Tideswell? Then beware - it may be the underground choir which is rumoured to only appear before a death in the village.
9. Chesterfield Parish Church, Chesterfield. Are you being followed? For that is the sensation many a visitor has reported while walking within this 13th Century place of worship.
10. Bleaklow (Snakes Path to Longdendale). Apparitions of Roman soldiers are said to endlessly march a route across the National Park here.