TV's video games duo will host WiFi Wars

Fancy going head-to-head with other gamers in the High Peak?

Tuesday, 30th August 2016, 12:00 pm
Steve McNeil and Rob Sedgebeer hosts WiFi Wars at Buxton's Pavilion Arts Centre on September 3.

That’s exactly what’s on offer with WiFi Wars coming to Buxton’s Pavilion Arts Centre on Saturday, September 3.

The event is hosted by comedian and regular video games commentator, Steve McNeil, and his tech wizard sidekick and coding king Rob Sedgebeer.

The pair will be featured in a new BBC Radio 4 documentary about video gaming, While My Guitar Gently Bleeps. A television adaptation of their original live show, Go 8-Bit, hosted by Dara O’Briain will be screened on Dave this autumn.

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We spoke to Rob about what audiences can expect at WiFi Wars:

Q. Tell us, why should people come to a WiFi Wars show?

A. To come and play a range of fun video games with the rest of the audience, using the latest smart phone technology. With the added bonus of watching two sweaty men panic on stage.

Q. What’s the dynamic like between the two of you in/out of the show?

A. Outside the show, Steve does all the admin work, I do all the coding. During the show, Steve does the talking, I do the buttons. It’s a fair division of labour.

Q. Can you explain how the audience gets involved in WiFi Wars?

A. The audience connects to our WiFi network using their phone or tablet. From there I can send games and controls to their device, using web based technology. No wizard magic required!

Q. How does the show differ from other live shows out there?

A. It’s the ultimate in audience interaction. No other live show demands you keep your mobile phone switched on!

Q. What excites you most about the show?

A. It’s an entirely new form of live entertainment. We get to build and play video games with huge numbers of people in a way that has never been done before.

Q. Go 8-Bit was your original live comedy gaming show that has been commissioned as a TV series on Dave to air this autumn. How is the TV series similar/different to WiFi Wars?

A. Go 8 Bit is all about watching beloved comedians making fools of themselves playing classic video games. The audience do get to play along with a few games, but in WiFi Wars they get to play ALL the games. It’s a much more interactive show.

l WiFi Wars starts at 7pm on September 3. Tickets £17.50 and £12 (under 16s) with £1.75 discount for groups of eight and above, students, seniors, disabled, JSA, income support. To book, contact 01298 72190 or