Here are 9 shops in Chesterfield that Facebook fans would love to see reopen

Woolworths, the Co-op and Littlewoods are the shops that our readers would like to see return to Chesterfield town centre.

Tuesday, 1st February 2022, 2:03 pm

Smaller independent shops such as Hudson’s Records and Some Kinda Mushroom are also much-missed among the Derbyshire Times social media followers.

Andrew C. Slack said: “Some Kinda Mushroom, a record shop for people who cared about music beyond the charts.”

Retail outlets like Debenhams, TJ Hughes and Toys R Us, which have closed down in Chesterfield in the past decade, are also among those businesses which readers would like to see make a comeback.

While it’s easy to accuse the internet of killing off high street shops, customers also need to shoulder some of the responsibility and support Chesterfield's retailers.

Peter Spencer says on Facebook: “If people used them in the first place they would still be there.”

Steve Travis posts: “It was better when the buses went through town centre, the shops and market had customers and always busy.”

Pauline Walton adds: “It would be nice to see all the old shops back, but we’d need a miracle to bring them back. Sorry to say there’s more life in a tramp’s vest, than on a shopping day in Chesterfield.”

Kathleen Hendley comments: “Not everyone can shop online. Some of us need to get out of the house and going into town was one way of getting out. Now there's barely anything left there to go for – such a shame.”

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