Peak District spotlight: Earl Sterndale - a hidden gem in the Derbyshire Hills

Five miles south of Buxton, on the Derbyshire-Staffordshire border you’ll find a small, scenic village called Earl Sterndale.

Popular with Walkers, Earl Sterndale is surrounded by a number of distincitive natural landmarks, including the Peaks of Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill and is within walking distance of Dovedale. Historically, the area surrounding the village was mostly made up of farmland owned by Basingwerk Abbey in Wales. Today, farming still makes up for much of the village’s economy, as well as the nearby quarries at Sterndale Moore.

A unique part of Earl Sterndale’s history is that the village was actually hit by a German bomb during an air raid in 1941. The village church was destroyed by the explosion which was restored almost a decade later. The event was recorded by a local humorist, Tom Wise in a poem called ‘The Sterndale Blitz’.

They bombed our church them Germans did

In nineteen forty one

And left it there without a lid

Exposed to wind and sun

And when at last the war was o’er

And Hitler was the loser

We knelt, praying as of yore

Thanked God they missed the boozer