15 budget-friendly hacks to spruce up your garden

Green-fingered Brits can spruce up their gardens ready for the summer with budget-friendly makeover hacks.

Thursday, 27th June 2019, 5:26 pm
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The gardening experts at GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk have put together 15 quick fixes to save gardeners cash and get their outside space ready for the warmer weather.

Give plant pots a new lease of life by painting them with interesting designs and complementary colours.
Give your lawn a new lease of life with fertiliser. If fertiliser is too expensive, try making your own using wood ash from your fire.

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Scrub away grime that has built up on your patio. Don't forget to dig up moss between paving slabs or bricks.
Solar powered lights store up energy from the sun throughout the day so they won't cost you a penny at night.
Don't let weeds take over your garden. Cut them out from the root and use homemade remedies such as salt and vinegar rather than pricey weedkillers.
Sand down your fences and give them a lick of paint.
Give your garden furniture a clean and add some cushions and a throw.
If you're buying seeds or plants make sure you get perennials as your investment will last longer.
Corner off a section of the garden and plant some fruit and vegetables.
Spend some time trimming up the edges of your lawn to look neat and tidy.
Create a makeshift dining or lounge area using a clean white sheet, decorating with battery powered fairy lights.
Take a look at basic online tutorials about topiary and turn unsightly shrubs and hedges into something artistic.
Mirrors in the garden can help to make the space feel a lot bigger. Find cheap ones at car boot sales or charity shops.
Collect pebbles from the beach, dig a hole in the garden, line it with tarpaulin and put pebbles over the tarpaulin. Fill with water to create a pond.
Wash out old tin cans, paint, fill with birdseed and hang in the garden for a homemade bird feeder.