How far can £80 take you around the world?

When it comes to holidays, everyone wants to get their moneys worth, but around the world exactly what your money is worth ranges substantially.

It’s not surprising to find that different cities really range in their holidaying costs, but a study by My Voucher Codes has collected data to show precisely how different holiday destinations range in their affordability.

If you like a drink on your holiday, then coming out on top was Budapest, the capital of Hungary, where the average pint costs the equivalent of £1.46 - on an £80 spending budget, this could buy you 54 pints. However, you might want to steer away from Reykjavik, where one pint costs around £6.11. Paris isn’t much better, where an £80 budget will only get you 13 pints of beer.

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If you’re interested in getting around city centres, it’ll be the city travel costs that take priority. In Buenos Aires, you can get a daily travel pass for only £1.08, leaving you with plenty of spare funds for attractions and souvenirs. Meanwhile, in Moscow, daily travel can cost you upwards of £16, so you might want to consider hiring a bike.

When it comes to free attractions, Berlin is the place to be. Many museums, such as The Holocaust Museum and The Berlin Wall Memorial are free to enter. Staying within the UK, Cardiff takes pick of the capitals, as entrance to Cardiff castle is significantly cheaper than both Edinburgh Castle and the Tower of London.

In contrast, across the pond in New York City attractions will set you back considerably. Two of the most popular activities, visiting the main deck of the Empire State Building and taking a trip to the Statue of Liberty will together put you back £45.20.

In comparison, two of the most poplar attractions in Paris, the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre will combined only cost £28.53. Similarly in Rome, entrance to both the Pantheon and the Colosseum totals at £24.97 so it might be best staying in Europe after all.