Derbyshire Property: £1,750,000 mega-home with enormous garden, natural lake and home bar on the market

This incredible Derbyshire property is one of the most expensive on the local property market right now and also includes four bedrooms and three lounge/sitting rooms.

Found in Holmesfield, near Dronfield, this property is a four-bed, three-bath mega-home set over approximately two-acres of grounds and costs a whopping £1,750,000.

As the weather gets hotter, this property will surely gather more and more interest due to the massive garden, which features a large seated area spanning across the entire back of the property and an outdoor dining area.

It has expansive grassy areas and is surrounded by a dense treeline giving you amazing privacy and endless possibilities for how to utilise the space.

At the bottom of the garden is a big natural lake surrounded by greenery and a stone perimeter, clearly marking where the edge of the water is for anyone approaching.

Inside the property, there are two lounges and one sitting room, with one lounge featuring a home bar, perfect for entertaining and making cocktails.

The four bedrooms are all beautiful, two with en-suites and the one at the rear of the property even has a balcony allowing you to sit or stand and look over your grand garden.

If you’re interested in this property or would like to read more about it, you can find it on Redbrik here.

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