Chesterfield super slimmers inspiring others to lose weight in the new year

Two women who have won the battle of the bulge will be inspiring others to lose weight in the new year.

By Gay Bolton
Thursday, 23rd December 2021, 2:24 pm
Louise Goodwin has lost 3st 10lbs since joining Slimming World and will be passing on her experience to others as a consultant.

Louise Goodwin, 40, who is a housewife in Brimington and Katharine King, 65, retired and living in Wingerworth, have become Slimming World consultants.

Both will be sharing their personal journeys and advice as they spur people into achieving their weight loss goals in 2022.

Living on junk food and takeaways, accompanied with beer or wine, resulted in Louise piling on the pounds. When she got to a size 22/24 she realised that something had to change.

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The birth of her granddaughter spurred Katharine King to join Slimming World where she has lost 6st.

Louise said: “I wanted to improve my health due to my knees hurting and being embarrassed by my dress size after having my daughter.”

Seven years ago she joined Slimming World and has lost 3st 10lbs to date, helped by cutting out takeaways and making ‘fakeaways’ instead.

She said: “At one time I could barely walk down the road, now I walk miles with my new companion, Bruce.

"With the care and support my Slimming World Group provided, it's really changed who I am for the better and I really wanted to help others.

“I applied to be a consultant, lockdown put a pause on this as no training was available but I took the training onboard at the beginning of December.”

Louise will relaunch Slimming World’s Derby Road Methodist Church group in Chesterfield from January 8, meeting on Saturdays at 9am.

Katharine had been advised by doctors for years to lose weight on health grounds.

She said: “The catalyst for change was the birth of our granddaughter. I had to lose the weight or I feared I would never see her grow up.

"I am now that active, fun grandma I wanted to be after losing six stone by food optimising with Slimming World.

"I felt that I had lots of 'slimming experience' in which I could assist. I am now proud to say I have completed my first lot of training to be a Slimming World consultant and am so happy that I am able to pass on my knowledge and support to other members.”

Katharine will be helping slimmers on their weight loss journey at St John’s Church, Walton, on Tuesdays at 7pm from January 11.