Best CBD Oil UK – The Top 4 CBD Products of 2021

If you’re looking for the UK’s best CBD oil, look no further than Blessed CBD, says Consumer Logic Research.If you’re looking for the UK’s best CBD oil, look no further than Blessed CBD, says Consumer Logic Research.
If you’re looking for the UK’s best CBD oil, look no further than Blessed CBD, says Consumer Logic Research.
If you’re looking for the UK’s best CBD oil, look no further than Blessed CBD, says Consumer Logic Research.

If you follow health and wellness news at all, you know that there is a lot of attention on cannabis and, specifically, CBD oil products of all types. People have been looking at the cannabis plant and learning as much as possible to see if it’s right for their wellness needs.

But, why? Why are people all over Europe and the UK jumping on the bandwagon and trying CBD oil in their health and wellness routines?

Here CLR says why cannabinoids matter and takes a look at what it says the best CBD oil brands are.

CBD Oil BlessedCBD Oil Blessed
CBD Oil Blessed

What is CBD oil?

Cannabidiol, which is what is typically referred to as CBD, is one of the main phytocannabinoids found inside of cannabis and hemp plants. Other cannabinoids include THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, which is what’s known for psychoactive effects), CBG and CBDA.

What are the best CBD oils in the UK?

Before you go online or over to the local high street shop and get the first CBD oil that you see, be sure that you take a look at the 6 best CBD oils UK, as identified by CLR experts and customer reviews below.

Blessed CBD is at the top of CLR’s list, and, it says, not only because of its effectiveness. The family that runs Blessed CBD took a lot of time seeking out the best option for their CBD oil tinctures, and it has resulted in a potent blend that UK consumers seem to love.

The company uses organic hemp grown in Colorado, USA – that means no pesticides, no herbicides, and non-GMO. This commitment along with the CO2 extraction method they use, results in no solvents and a pleasant blend of terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids.

Many third-party wellness and lifestyle publications have reported CLR findings that Blessed CBD’s full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products are the best in the UK: Reader’s Digest, Discover, Daily Record, Mirror, Manchester Evening News, Plymouth Herald, Men’s Journal, Yours, LA Weekly, Birmingham Live, Maxim, Yorkshire Evening Post, Northampton Chronicle and Stoke Live.

CLR says whether you’re a first time user or a seasoned user of CBD, Blessed CBD is worth checking out if you’re looking to experience the benefits of CBD. Every order also receives a handy beginner’s guide booklet to help you with dosing and dropper advice.

Vibes CBD is known for their passionate focus on CBD. They believe that CBD can bring balance to your body and all of their products are developed with that in mind. Their CBD oils, capsules, and gummies are only made from the best organic hemp, and they offer their products at competitive prices,says CLR.

With great customer service and multiple awards for their vegan friendly products (specifically, their gluten-free CBD capsules), Vibes CBD is definitely one of the best CBD oil UK options that you can find on the market, it adds.

3. Holistic Hemp Scotland

Holistic Hemp Scotland has hemp and cannabis farms located throughout the United Kingdom and the European Union. They work with small farms that hand pick and dry their hemp, allowing them to support small farmers and get the best results.

Most of the products that Holistic Hemp Scotland offers are premium CBD oil drops, but they also have hemp extract paste and CBD creams. These products are easy to work with and dosages can be adjusted for your needs.

4. Excite CBD

Excite CBD is a newer CBD company, and they have been working with multiple organizations to bring the best CBD products for the UK market. Their products are 100% vegan friendly, and they offer CBD vape oil, standard CBD oil, and a variety of other forms of CBD. Their hemp is also grown and cultivated on farms that adhere to strict conditions that ensure a high-quality result.

Excite CBD’s most popular product is their 1000mg CBD oil, which provides up to 4 mg of CBD per drop. If you’re an absolute beginner to CBD though, we suggest starting with their 500mg strength.

5. Exotics CBD

Exotics CBD also uses organic hemp for their high strength CBD products, and they use no harsh chemicals during the extraction process, says CLR. On top of that, they have worked with their farmers in order to genetically select the strains of hemp they use. This allows them to have the most potent CBD oil (with the least amount of THC).

Exotics CBD offers a wide array of high-quality products, and they have focused on taste. Many customer reviews have shared that their CBD products taste like mineral water and peppermint, which makes it pleasant and subtle while also ensuring its effectiveness.

6. CBD Life UK

CBD Life UK is another CBD company that focuses on great products and the best customer service. Their CBD oil and hemp seed oil spray are their most popular products/best sellers, and their hemp is grown in the United Kingdom.

CBD Life UK’s products are really easy to use, which allows customers to find what they like and start using it in their health and wellness routine as soon as possible. If you’re unsure about any of their range of products, simply view their transparent lab reports for assurance.

What are the potential benefits of CBD?

The best CBD oil in the UK will usually have a wide range of potential health benefits, and there are a lot of considerations that you need to make, says CLR. Here it givers a quick overview of some of the biggest potential benefits it claims you’ll get from using high quality CBD oil tinctures, CBD capsules, and other forms of CBD on a regular basis.

Please note CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always check with your doctor if you’re unsure about side effects. CLR claims:

Topical CBD oil such as a CBD balm can help to moisturize your skin and reduce wrinkles, among other benefits that you can’t find with other options.

Neurological benefits of CBD oil

There are a lot of reported individuals who have seen an improvement in issues related to seizures because of cannabis and its compounds, including CBD oil. Other neurological concerns, like Parkinson’s Disease, also have improved symptoms.

Pain reduction

People who struggle with chronic pain are often looking for options to reduce their pain. CBD oil is a natural option that is said to relax the body and reduce pain, which can be a huge relief for those who have dealt with chronic pain for most of their lives.

There are little to no side effects

One of the best things about CBD oil is that it has little to no side effects when you take it. You may get an upset stomach, but that depends on its terpene profile and if there are any additives included in the product that you’re using. If you’re taking other medications, always check with your doctor first for drug interactions.

Mental health benefits

Anxiety and depression are the often-cited mental health issues that are said to b e positively affected by CBD products in the endocannabinoid system of the body, but there are others that you can find relief from as well.

You can ingest it in multiple ways

People may know about vaping CBD e-liquid from vape pens, but there are more ways to use CBD. You can also use it as a cream, add it as a food supplement, or just take gluten-free CBD gummies or capsules in the morning or evening. MCT oil, coconut oil, and hemp seed oil are the most common carrier oils for CBD, and both help your body to absorb the CBD as efficiently as possible. The versatility of CBD is one big reason why the UK’s CBD industry is thriving.

CLR adds there are all sorts of potential benefits to utilizing some amount of CBD in your health and wellness routine.

Are CBD products legal in the UK?

Pure CBD itself is not classified as a controlled substance in the United Kingdom and it is legal to possess, sell, and use. However, all CBD products need to be appropriately labelled and they need to have third-party lab results regarding controlled substances (specifically, THC). Cannabis oil is still illegal due to high traces of THC.

There are three types of CBD: broad-spectrum CBD oils, full-spectrum CBD oil, and CBD isolate (known as “pure CBD”). Broad-spectrum CBD has little to no THC content and has a wide array of other compounds from the cannabis sativa, including fatty acids and flavonoids. Full spectrum CBD has everything from the bud, including the THC (and is said to be most effective for achieving the entourage effect). And, as the name suggests, CBD isolate is CBD and nothing more.

When growing hemp, the seeds must be at less than 0.2% THC, but the finished product must have less than 1 mg of THC in it. The percentage of the 10ml bottle or other product doesn’t matter, that 1 mg threshold is thought to be what is necessary to prevent “getting high” with the hemp CBD oil you’re using.

In the UK, there are two primary extraction methods – low pressure ethanol extraction and the supercritical CO2 extraction process. Many companies prefer using the latter in order to get the highest quality CBD content with the least amount of THC.

As well as this, all CBD brands in the UK must follow the new novel foods process in order to receive validation from the FSA. Currently, no CBD brand in the UK has received full authorisation yet.

With these new changes in laws, trade organisations such as the Cannabis Trades Association have been helping companies to navigate this information and make the necessary changes so that they can adhere to those laws with ease.

Choosing the best CBD in the UK

If you’re a keen observer, CLR says you can see that there are tons of reasons to consider getting your hands on CBD oil. It claims adding it to your routine is going to help you to thrive and will make it that much easier for you to live out your best life. CLR’s says take a look at its top picks for the UK’s CBD market and see if one of them is right for you and the health and wellness needs that you have.