Take a look inside historic “dilapidated” Derbyshire mills - as images from the archive show when building opened to the public

A historic Derbyshire mill has fallen into a state of serious decline and is offically a building ‘at risk’.

We have searched our archives images of The North and East Mills and wider complex in Belper to show the building when it was opened to the public

Over time, weather and a lack of action has left the Belper Mills complex in need of serious attention putting the Mills Heritage at Risk.

Cllr Barry Lewis, Derbyshire County Council leader, who is also chairman of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site (DVMWHS) strategic board, said: “The North and East Mills and wider complex in Belper need a solution, one that sees these magnificent iconic buildings that sit at the heart of the DVMWHS, brought back into appropriate use, into the community and the economy.

“For too long a succession of owners have failed to properly maintain, understand or imagineer appropriate solutions to preserve these buildings into the future."

The 200-year-old Belper Mills complex, designed by Jedediah Strutt’ and owned by FI Real Estate Management (FIREM).

Tim Knowles, founder and managing director of FIREM, said: “Having invested almost £1 million into exploring many possible uses for Belper Mills, we have had some very positive dialogue with Amber Valley Council.

“We are making excellent progress on our planning application and are close to agreeing a way forward for the redevelopment of Belper Mills that has the support of the council.

“We hope to share details of this in the coming months, and in the meantime we want to emphasise that we are fully committed to preserving Belper Mills for future generations."