The American Adventure theme park's Mexicoland opened by Samuel Magdaleno in May 1991.
The American Adventure theme park's Mexicoland opened by Samuel Magdaleno in May 1991.

19 pictures look back at Derbyshire theme park the American Adventure - as documentary series to be screened this summer

A new documentary will remember the good times at a much-loved former theme park, which pulled in crowds from across Derbyshire.

By Julia Rodgerson
Wednesday, 11th May 2022, 2:54 pm

Rides such as the Buffalo Stampede, Runaway Train, Rocky Mountain Rapids and The Missile were all popular features at the American Adventure site near Ilkeston.

In January 2007, the owners announced that it would not reopen for the new season and the rides would be sold off.

Now, it has been announced that a brand new six-part documentary will bring the park to life again – helping residents to relive those good old days.

The American Adventure Theme Park page on Facebook announced the new series, which will be created by OnTrack Productions.

A post stated: “We are looking for people to interview for their memories, stories and information.”

The first episode of the new documentary, entitled ‘The Best Of British’, will be available in the summer for free on YouTube and Facebook.

To share your memories of the old theme park and follow the documentary’s progress, visit The American Adventure Theme Park page.

On Derbyshire Times Facebook page Ashley Davies said: “I work there two seasons. Good times.”

Sue Rogers added: “Best place that ever was. So sad it’s gone.”

Joe Baker said: “They had the biggest log flume there. My dad made me go on it lol was huge.”

Emma Smith added: “I remember going when I was younger and they had to shut the missile (I'm sure thats what it was called) down. To start the ride it used to take you backwards first up a really steep hill before launching the coaster forward. Some silly teenager thought it would be funny to take an Allen key on and undo the mechanism that was holding him in. Thank god for vigilant staff that noticed. He was swiftly removed from the coaster and pretty much frog marched out of the park. Terrified me as we were queuing for that ride when it happened.”

Cath Bardwell said: “We took our children there when small. They had a large boat that you could take a ride across the lake. The children loved it. It was a good day out.

I believe they had Country and Western evenings there.”

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