Derbyshire woman creates crocheted rainbows in support of NHS workers

Karen Cubbin has been creatively crocheting rainbows in the hope of supporting NHS workers anyway she can.

Sunday, 19th April 2020, 3:47 pm

Karen Cubbin of New Whittington, Chesterfield, has been crocheting decorative rainbows in support of key workers across the nation. The reaction she has received towards the rainbows has been incredible.

Originally, she created the rainbows for members of her family to keep their spirits up. The popularity for the rainbows increased when Karen posted a picture of them to Facebook which inspired people to ask how much she would be willing to sell them for.

Karen’s sister Amy, pointed out that she was receiving so much interest in the rainbows, that she ought to continue producing them for a small donation fee. Karen got to work on creating more rainbows and pledged to pass any donations made to her on to supporting members of the NHS.

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Karen busy making some of the rainbows.

Karen said: “I’ve been posting them to members of the family based in London and Nottingham, where they have been receiving more interest from people in those areas that come across them.

“With more people asking for them, I’ve been able to raise as much as £150 so far, which I’ve put towards making hampers that are being donated to many NHS trusts across Chesterfield including, Broomhouse Nursing Home and Kingsmill Hospital.”

Karen’s sister Amy, said: “I’m so proud of the work my sister has been doing. It’s such a simple gesture but it goes a really long way towards helping others out there. She’s an inspiration.”

Some of the crocheted rainbows produced by Karen.
A message of thanks from NHS workers to Karen for receiving one of the many donation hampers.