Keep the spark burning bright in Chesterfield

NLT could face closure unless local firms rally roundNLT could face closure unless local firms rally round
NLT could face closure unless local firms rally round
Chesterfield has a long and proud tradition of engineering.

Machines built here dug the Channel Tunnel and helped create the London underground and Paris Metro.

Top secret midget submarines were made here during the Second World War - and the legacy of engineering excellence continues to this day through world-leading north Derbyshire firms.

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But as we reveal this week, there are fears over the future of that engineering tradition.

The withdrawal of funding following its OFTED inspection means Chesterfield’s NLT Training is fighting for its life.

Yes, other training providers may step in if it folded, but ensuring its continued survival is surely a better option - both for local young engineers - and the staff that would lose their jobs if it disappeared. More options, more choices for our children and grandchildren are vital if everyone is to find their place in the world.

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I’ve seen at first hand the work NLT does; what it can offer.

Work needs to be done, and is being done, to improve standards - but you can’t improve what isn’t there.

Which is why we’re backing the fight to save NLT.

To keep the engineering spark burning bright in Chesterfield.

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