'˜Furious' mum takes daughter out of lessons after school uniform row over stretchy skirts at Derbyshire school

A parent at a Derbyshire school has taken her daughter out of lessons after she was told her school uniform was '˜too stretchy'.

Monday, 24th September 2018, 4:26 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th September 2018, 2:52 am
Eckington School

Lisa Ripley, whose daughter attends Eckington School in north-east Derbyshire, took the drastic action after teachers pulled the teenager up multiple times on her attire.

Lisa claimed ‘hundreds’ of pupils have fallen foul of the regulations since the start of term, which have been tightened this year by the academy chain which is now running the school.

The school dispute her claims, however, and say the vast majority of parents and students have confidence and pride in the school’s uniform code. Lisa, who is a practice manager at a GP surgery in Sheffield, said: “I have never heard anything so crazy in all my life. I am absolutely furious.“I called them to ask what on earth the issue was and they said it is because it is stretchy material and need to be tailored.

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“They are putting kids in isolation for a full day with just one piece of work which she finished in 15 minutes. These are good kids that want to learn and to work. “It is just a joke. This is kids’ education.”Lisa has since met with the headteacher who has agreed that the trousers Lisa had bought were acceptable, but says she still wants further clarification from the school’s governors on the skirts. “If they were going in school with skirts right up to their bottom I could understand - but they look really nice,” said Lisa.

“She is a Year 10 and she missed the first day of the new school term because of their mistake.” The Derbyshire Times has also heard from other Eckington School parents who have complained that their children have been put in isolation for not having the right shoes.

The policy states that pupils must have footwear with a defined heel, meaning trainer-like black shoes are forbidden.

It also states skirts and trousers must be plain black and full length - with skirts coming to the knee - and be ‘approved school uniform’ type legwear, such as is available from Pinders.

Wayne Barsby, executive principal of the LEAP multi-academy trust, said: “We are keen to ensure that we offer our students the best preparation for their adult life. “We promote an ethos of high expectations and high standards, ensuring all our students aspire to achieve excellence.

“This is reflected in our highly regarded pastoral support for students and our uniform code, amongst many other elements of our work.”