Q Branch Derbyshire company founders who met on lockdown date launch business neurodiversity guide

Q Branch founders Matt Clutterham and Jenny Jarvis have launched a free downloadable guide for businesses to mark Neurodiversity Celebration Week which runs from March 18-24.
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The founders of a hybrid brand and human transformation company who met in Melbourne on a lockdown date have launched a special ‘How to Embrace Neurodiversity in Your Business’ Guide to help businesses get the most out of all employees during Neurodiversity Celebration Week from March 18.

Jenny Jarvis and Matt Clutterham, who launched their business Q Branch Consulting in February, are passionate about helping organisations thrive through having a clear, bold strategy.

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Q Branch Consulting has branches in Derby and London and offers SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises) the tools and support to grow and improve profits through a unique blend of brand and human transformation.

Matt Clutterham and Jenny JarvisMatt Clutterham and Jenny Jarvis
Matt Clutterham and Jenny Jarvis

Now they are marking Neurodiversity Celebration Week by offering a free guide helping companies get the most out of all employees – including those with diagnosed or undiagnosed neurodiverse conditions such as autism, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).

Jenny, who holds a Level 2 Diploma ‘neurodiversity informed’ qualification and heads up the company’s ‘human’ focus, is passionate about helping all human beings live their best lives, whether they have neurodiverse conditions or not.

The couple believe that many businesses are being held back from growth through not adopting a fully inclusive ‘human’ strategy that recognises and embraces different strengths of employees.

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With job unhappiness at an all-time high, Matt and Jenny think many businesses could significantly improve productivity and a happier workplace culture through increasing awareness of people with neurodiverse conditions, who may have different requirements or ways of achieving to those who are neurotypical.

Q Branch Consulting's guideQ Branch Consulting's guide
Q Branch Consulting's guide

Matt said: “All businesses should have a human strategy in place, the same as they have a diversity and inclusion policy. It’s about recognising that we all ‘tick’ in different ways and that forward-thinking businesses will be able to get the best out of their employees if they are aware of how differently people’s minds work. Jenny and I are passionate about helping businesses succeed and as every good leader knows, people are always the most important asset to any business.

“By bringing in outside consultants, businesses can achieve far greater clarity on their direction. Often, leaders are too concerned with the day to day to focus on the bigger picture, and that’s where outside help can really turbo charge a company. We hope that our guide can help organisations with some simple tips on how to help all humans in their business – giving them a fresh perspective on how different minds work.”

Q Branch Consulting is formed of Matt and Jenny’s two areas of expertise. Matt is an acclaimed former lighting designer turned brand and transformation strategist, whose client list includes British GQ, Samsung and Bacardi, while Jenny is a highly qualified personal performance coach whose work has transformed many lives, helping people enjoy better relationships with everything from themselves, their finances, their families and their partners.

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Their business fuses their talents, with Matt providing creative strategy direction for businesses and Jenny helping leaders and employees achieve their full potential.

Neurodiversity advocate Jenny said: “Awareness of neurodiversity has certainly improved over recent years, but I believe there is still a long way to go when it comes to understanding that people’s brains function very differently.

“It’s important to realise that when it comes to neurodiversity awareness for business, this is very much not just about looking after employees. Lots of leaders are very likely to be neurodiverse too – Elon Musk has shared he is autistic, for example.

“Our Embracing Neurodiversity in Your Business” Guide is designed to help businesses by letting them know what to look out for amongst employees, that might hint they are not comfortable in certain situations.

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“The business meeting is a classic example. Some people who are neurodiverse may just not be able to contribute in the moment. Lots of people who have ideas will be silent in meetings, but managers should not necessarily find this frustrating. The quiet person may be listening, processing, ready to come to management quietly with a great idea later in the day.

“Great management is about working with all minds in a company so that everyone feels empowered to work to their best abilities and make a difference. In our opinion, there is far too much time wasted in a business in people feeling frustrated at not feeling heard and valued – and we regularly hear from employee polls about how unhappy and stressed people are at work.

“We hope that our FREE ‘Embracing Neurodiversity in Your Business’ Guide will help by helping give a fresh perspective on how different people function.”

To download Q Branch Consulting’s Free Guide please visit: