Plans revealed to rent out field to Derbyshire dog walkers

Plans have been submitted for a rentable dog walking field near a Derbyshire village.

Friday, 26th March 2021, 3:53 pm

The aim from the applicant, K McIntyre, is to turn the field at Carrington Farm off Heanor Road, on the outskirts of Smalley, into a dog walking site which people can hire for a dog or group of dogs.

Amber Valley Borough Council will make a decision on the application in the next few months.

The total green belt site area is 1.68 acres and the applicant says the business would provide a safe and secure area for people to exercise their dogs without having to worry about causing disturbance or safety issues.

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The plan is to create a dog-walking area in the field

It is also claimed an isolated exercise area would be beneficial for more nervous dogs and dogs with behavioural difficulties.

Owners would be able to rent out the field for 50 minutes at a time, with time slots starting at the top of each hour. The potential price for the slots is not yet known.

A document submitted with the application by Architectural Building Design Services, on behalf of Miss McIntyre, says: “It’s important for dogs to be physically active and use their natural instincts of exploring their environment in an unrestricted way.

“Owners find it less stressful and more enjoyable as they are able to relax and enjoy spending quality time with their dogs.

“There has been media coverage over the years about cases of dogs having altercations in public places that have resulted in serious injuries, to not only themselves but members of the public including children.

“Dog walking fields have become increasingly popular. The facility will provide a well managed and maintained, safe and secure area for dogs to run freely which brings positive benefits and enjoyment to dogs and their owners alike.

“The idea of a dog walking field is that people with dogs can hire the field for either a single dog or small group. This allows dogs to be properly exercised.

“This allows them to be let off their lead so they are free to roam and exercise in a safe and secure way.”

The field would have a 1.8 metre-high deer fence to prevent dogs from escaping from the area while exercising.