The boarded-up hotel faces demolition imminently.

Take a look inside this abandoned Chesterfield hotel facing demolition

Urban explorers have taken a number of fascinating pictures inside an iconic Chesterfield building facing demolition.

Monday, 11th January 2021, 2:18 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th January 2021, 2:13 pm

The Chesterfield Hotel faces demolition to allow future regeneration/redevelopment of the site, while Chesterfield Council revealed in November last year it had “taken a part freehold, part leasehold interest” in the Malkin Street site and would now work with contractors to clear out and demolish the derelict building.

The hotel, formerly the Station Hotel, opened in 1877 and closed in 2015 after the previous company that owned it went bust.

But before it is flattened, urban explorers from Abandoned UK have been inside and taken some fascinating pictures of the interior – complete with televisions and bedding still in situ, although the council says anything interesting or of value has since been removed..

Abandoned UK are not the first urban explorers to visit, after another explorer, who calls himself Xplore Urbex, gained access to the property last year and took a number of stunning images.

However, a Derbyshire Police spokesman said: “Insecure disused buildings pose a serious risk to anyone who enters them.

“Sites such as this are often in serious states of disrepair and have a number of potential dangers within them.

“Those entering these types of site are leaving themselves vulnerable to serious injury and even death.

“Incidents of this nature are civil matters that are under the jurisdiction of the council they are within and it is the responsibility of the building’s owners to ensure they are secure.

“If you are concerned about the security of a building, you should make the relevant local authority aware. If, however, there is an ongoing situation that is an emergency, contact the police on 999.”

A council spokesman said: “Demolition works on the hotel began as soon as the council gained control.

“Significant internal works are progressing prior to the main demolition of the building, which is expected to start in late March.

“The images shown were taken prior to the council taking control of the site. Any valuable or interesting articles had been removed prior to the council’s involvement and any remaining furniture and internal fixtures, have been removed and appropriately disposed of or recycled.

“It is absolutely crucial that people do not try to gain unlawful entry to this site because the condition of the building presents a significant risk to people’s health. We have put in place a series of security measures aimed at deterring and preventing people trespassing within the building.”

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