Chesterfield solicitors recover £1.9m for client who suffered a brain injury while walking to school

Chesterfield law firm, Spencers solicitors, have recovered £1.9m for a client who suffered a brain injury when he was struck by a car whilst crossing a road on his way to school.

Friday, 18th June 2021, 9:59 am
Updated Friday, 18th June 2021, 1:53 pm
Chesterfield law fim Spencers Solicitors helped secure the agreement
Chesterfield law fim Spencers Solicitors helped secure the agreement

The client was 14 years old at the time of the accident.

Following the incident, the client was admitted to hospital for seven days suffering a brain injury including a large extra-dural haematoma, left frontal bone fracture and displacement of the left frontal lobe.

The client underwent a craniotomy and was allowed home to the care of his family.

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The client gradually returned to school after a few weeks but his grades suffered as he was unable to process information as quickly as he did before the accident.

As a result, the client left school with insufficient grades to allow him to attend university. He continued to live at home and work part-time.

The client had two main ambitions in life, to live independently and to go to University to pursue a career in fashion.

Spencers Solicitors were determined to give their client every chance of achieving his ambitions so they obtained the funding and gathered together a team of rehabilitation experts to support their client including support workers, psychologist and Occupational Therapist all under the guidance of a case manager.

The team prepared the client to live on his own and when the time was right, helped him locate a place to live that was near to amenities and his family.

Bespoke support continued on a daily basis during the first year of the client living on his own.

The independent living trial was a success despite the problems caused by Covid.

The support team also liaised with the client’s local college helping him achieve his goal of attending university. With the help of the team, the client will be attending university in September to start a course in fashion design.

Spencers settled their client’s claim for £1.9m at a joint settlement meeting with a large proportion of the award taking into account the continuing support the claimant will require and the effect the injury will help on the claimant’s earnings potential.

Representing the client was Steve Barke of Spencers solicitors who has over 30 years experience representing clients who have suffered catastrophic and complex injuries on the road and at work.

Mr Barke said: “The client and his family are delighted with the award negotiated on his behalf. He suffered a very serious injury which impacted on his daily life and that of his family.

"It was important to find out what the client wanted from life and to help him achieve his objectives and ambitions.

"We put in place a very experienced and capable rehabilitation team that has enabled the client to live independently and in September, to go to University. Damages are obviously important to a client, but I cannot stress how important it is to put in place, as early as possible, a rehabilitation programme allowing a client to fulfil their potential. In this case, the support and rehabilitation received by the client has allowed him to live again.”

The client said: “ I would like to thank Spencers Solicitors and Steve Barke in particular for all the support and expert guidance they have provided me over the years. I am delighted with the settlement and I can now look forward to the future with confidence and enthusiasm.”