Chesterfield town centre

7 Chesterfield town centre businesses that have expanded in the last 12 months

Chesterfield is in a strong position to recover from the impact of the pandemic as many businesses have relocated or expanded over the last 12 months

By Julia Rodgerson
Monday, 23rd May 2022, 3:08 pm

More than 30 new businesses have opened in Chesterfield town centre in the last 12 months with more due to open soon.

In addition to new businesses, others have also expanded or relocated into larger premises in the town centre.

Raj Dhir, owner of Rebel Menswear which expanded into a new larger unit on the corner of High Street and Packer's Row in March added: “We believe in Chesterfield, and that’s why we are spending roughly £500,000 on the store. Chesterfield as a community and town centre has always supported us so it's only right we invest back in the town centre and community. We believe the future of Chesterfield Town is bright and will only get brighter as more investment is made into the town centre.”

Peter Swallow, Chair of Destination Chesterfield, added: “Chesterfield is a town of opportunity, and we have the partners and collaboration in place to drive forward our ambitions to not only deliver our current development plans but also attract further investment.”

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