YouTube sensation brings Breaking Bad parody to Derbyshire theatre

Not many people can say they’ve caused a ‘viral sensation’ and attracted over one million hits on YouTube, but that’s what happened to Miles Allen after a trailer for his theatre show was posted online.

Saturday, 7th November 2015, 1:47 pm

In his show One Man Breaking Bad - The Unathorised Parody, Miles takes audiences on a rip-roaring ride through all six seasons of the cult TV show.

That’s some feat considering there’s just him and he has just one hour to portray all the iconic characters, including Walter White, Jesse, Saul, Skyler, Hank, Walt Junior, Mike and Gus Fring.

“It’s a farcical love letter to all the people who went through the bloodbath and tears of Breaking Bad,” said Miles. “We kind of go on a nostalgia trip. There are jokes I play on different scenes, including the more serious moments in BB, which now leaves the audience in stitches.

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“Along the way there are other pop culture references, complete with impressions from Family Guy, Back To The Future and Lord Of The Rings. It’s like a fusion of solo theatre and stand-up.”

In total Miles fits in 40 different impressions in the show, picking out the nuances of the characters, whist keeping the integrity of the show sacred.

Did he see the success of the show and Youtube clip coming? “No, not at all,” he said. “Everyone said ‘Oh what if this goes viral?’ but no-one expected it to happen. That video clip was made really at my friends’ beckoning. I’d been growing my beard out for a time and they said I looked homeless and that they should shoot a video of me pretending to do impressions for food and upload it.

“It was like ‘friends might find it amusing’ but many more people found it amusing apparently. It was a big surprise. We had like 20 views when I uploaded it, then the next morning I’m getting calls from The Huffington Post and The Daily Beast and I’m like ‘Oh! Ok! I just went viral. That’s cool’.”

Unsurprisingly Miles is a huge fan of the show, with one of his biggest dreams being able to perform his version of Breaking Bad to the original cast and crew.

“I think it’s the greatest television show ever made because with every aspect of it, everything is at 110%. The writing, the acting – and not just a single actor but the ensemble of actors – the music, the editing… It’s a very philosophical piece. In the first episode the question is posed: Is a morally compromising decision based on good intentions justified? I believe the rest of the series is an answer to that question.’

One Man Breaking Bad The Unauthorised Parody is at Buxton Opera House on Thursday, November 26, at 7.30pm.

Tickets are priced at £21 and discounts are available. To buy tickets or for more information call 01298 72050 or visit