Ten things you should never say or do to someone from Derbyshire

Derbyshire folk are known to be welcoming and friendly - most of the time.


But there are some things that get under our skin. Here are a few of them:

I said Derbyshire - not Derby.
I said Derbyshire - not Derby.
Of course they bloomin' do - the clue is in the name!
Of course we have. However, some of us prefer the rather raunchier follow-up drama Sweet Medicine filmed in Wirksworth.
That's just Buxton.
We might not have a mountain top but there are plenty of pretty stunning hills that we're all rather fond of.
Ours is the proper version - not those things from Staffordshire. And no they have nothing to do with those Scottish biscuits.
We'll gerra rayt monk on if thar talks such rammel.
We're aware. Much better than getting all that sand into every conceivable crevice.
Some people seriously need to buy a map. And stop talking.
We all like a good laugh now and again but confessing to having sympathy for our foe across the border is going too far.