The Full Monty: The locations from hit 1997 film pictured now ahead of new Disney+ TV show

These amazing photos show the Sheffield locations from The Full Monty as they look today, more than 25 years after the film hit cinema screens.

They were taken by Thomas Duke, the man behind the hugely popular Instagram account steppingthroughfilm, who ingeniously recreates iconic film scenes by taking stills from those movies and matching them up with the real-life locations where they were shot.

He visited some of the most famous filming locations from The Full Monty, which was released in 1997, to help publicise the upcoming Disney+ TV series, also filmed in Sheffield, which will show fans how the gang have fared in the intervening quarter of a century, and will be available to stream from June 14.

Thomas, who is 24, said: “I’ve forever had a passion and love for cinema – be it big blockbusters or iconic TV shows – so it’s been a dream come true to explore 100s of locations (and animated ones of course, Luca being one of my favourites!) based around famous scenes in reality.

“It’s always a surreal feeling to do so and The Full Monty was no different. I also studied film & television at Brunel University for three years which has aided me in lots of fun behind the scenes facts – always helpful to have when exploring!”

Thomas teamed up with Disney+ to trek around Sheffield rediscovering the sites used in The Full Monty, including The Blake Hotel, at the top of Sheffield’s steepest street; Sheffield and Tinsley Canal, near Bacon Lane Bridge; Parkwood Springs; and the former cinema on Idsworth Road, in Fir Vale, which stood in as the exterior of the club where Gaz, Dave and co famously revealed all.

Thomas said: “The most interesting aspect was seeing how much had changed – or how much hadn’t changed! A lot had remained rather similar with small changes here and there. All possible to visit in one day!

“I remember studying The Full Monty at university. It’s had such a huge impact on the British film industry, it’s quite incredible! Such a small film with a small budget... but it had the legs to make $250+ million with $3.5 million behind it?! A small film became a big one, and one that has lived on after 26 years and is now getting its own TV show on Disney+ to continue the story.”

He added: “I’m very much looking forward to the TV series! I’m sure it’ll be very nostalgic and truly lovely to return to that world and to catch-up with the characters we all fell in love with back in the 1997 film. I think the very fact that we’re talking about this new show is a testament to the film standing the test of time. It truly has! I can’t wait to see how it’s done and where it picks up. Roll on, June 14!”

The Full Monty TV series, featuring the original cast, including Robert Carlyle, Mark Addy, Paul Barber and Tom Wilkinson, will be available to watch on Disney+ from June 14.