Chesterfield canal volunteer Roy Stringer launches new book, Ruffled Feathers

They may be tough and hard-working, but the Chesterfield Canal Trust’s Volunteer Work Party has hidden depths.

Tuesday, 25th November 2014, 11:23 am
Roy Stringer
Roy Stringer

Roy Stringer has been on the Work Party for many years, doing a variety of hard manual work such as mixing and barrowing concrete to help build walls and locks. He is licensed to use a chainsaw with which he has helped to clear vast amounts of scrub along the canal.

However, when he gets home and changes out of his working gear, he is transformed into a veritable wordsmith. He has penned several books, the latest of which is called Ruffled Feathers.

When “Queasy” Morgan, a shady nightclub owner, tries to put the screws on an old people’s home, he gets a lot more than he bargained for. Helped by two of his henchmen, the residents retaliate.

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But Morgan’s problems don’t end there. When his parrot falls ill, he’s forced to travel overland to the African republic of Madoqualand for a cure. En route he risks a charge of indecent exposure in Turkey and struggles with a water phobia.

Zany and fast moving, Ruffled Feathers presents an alternative snapshot of residential care in the 21st century.

Roy says: “OK, so it’s not as politically correct as it might be and stereotypes predominate, but it’s probably the funniest, most life-affirming novel you’re ever likely to get your mitts on.”

Ruffled Feathers, is available in paperback from Amazon or for £8.99, and as a Kindle download at £1.99.

Meanwhile, Roy can be seen every Sunday at Staveley Basin helping to build the new Staveley Town Lock.