Title is a red herring

Hotwire, new book
Hotwire, new book

If you want to enjoy Alex Kava’s Hotwire, don’t read it straight after a Robert Ludlum thriller.

While Ludlum leads you through twists and turns with exquisitely crafted prose and superb character development, Kava drags you through her story at a full gallop and doesn’t give you time to get to know the players.

Hotwire is two stories that look at one problem from two sides, the only link seeming to be that the characters on each side know each other.

The ‘hotwire’ of the title is not a significant part of the story, in fact it’s something of a red herring. It could just as easily be called Forest or Laser.

Kava tells a decent enough story, but the twists and turns are predictable, the characters never feel fully developed and you don’t put the book down at the end feeling exhausted or satisfied by the plot.

You would take a Ludlum on holiday to read over two weeks. Kava would make the flight more enjoyable. You’d need two Kava novels for the round trip or you’ll have to watch the movie on the way back.

Hotwire, by Alex Kava, is published by Sphere - £5.99 paperback.