Readers' feedback: Jimi Hendrix in Chesterfield

Readers have shared their stories about a star-studded show in Chesterfield which is still talked about half a century after it happened.

Friday, 13th January 2017, 12:33 pm
Updated Friday, 13th January 2017, 12:41 pm
Jimi Hendrix.

A relatively unknown Jimi Hendrix played at the ABC Cinema on a bill which included Englebert Hunperdinck and The Walker Brothers.

Commenting on Facebook, Rob Taylor said: “My sister was at the Hendrix gig (to see the Walker Bros) and Hendrix dedicated a song to her - ‘Foxy Lady’.

Adelle Hampshire said: “My stepmum was at the Hendrix gig... she got his autograph but my stepgran threw it away!”

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Jeannie Kershaw said: “I was at that concert watching Jimi Hendrix, Cat Stevens but really went to see The Walker Brothers especially Scott Walker. I remember he stayed at The Chesterfield Hotel that night. There were two performances and my friend and I had tickets for both. As I recall one was at 6pm the other 8.30pm but it was a long time ago so the times could be wrong. Jimi Hendrix stayed at a hotel just down from the Pomegranate Theatre. Can’t remember its name, now though. Can you believe all those artists in one show?

“ We caught the bus from Sheffield to Chesterfield that day, thought we were going to the ends of the earth!!”

Jon Hardy bought a print of the poster for the Henrix gig from eBay a few years ago, part of which illustrates this article.

Plenty of stars have strutted their stuff in Chesterfield over the past 50 years, from Pink Floyd and The Hollies to Tom Jones and Elton John.

Rob Taylor said: “My own favourite in Chez was in 1969 - my second visit to the Vic Rooms - I saw Family with Roger Chapman at full pelt. Memorable.. I started my visits a week earlier seeing Blodwyn Pig but had I gone one week before that I would have seen King Crimson. A life-long regret that I missed it.”

n We’re sure there are many more memories - so please share them with us.