Lions and tigers and bears, oh my - Yorkshire Wildlife Park visit a roaring success

Some of the 'locals' at Yorkshire Wildlife Park
Some of the 'locals' at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Yorkshire Wildlife Park does a roaring trade on Bank Holidays, but it doesn't take long to work out why.

South Yorkshire's zoo seems to get bigger and better every time you pay a visit, with further expansion on the way.

In recent years they've made spectacular additions, most notably in the form of polar bears and rhinos.

The amazing creatures might be the stars of the show, when it comes to a day out at the park, but it's their visibility that creates memories for visitors.

It's so well laid out that a good vantage point isn't hard to find - the animals are not hard to spot.

Of all the park's inhabitants, only the leopard escaped detection on a Good Friday visit.

And information is freely given by enthusiastic staff.

There's no shortage of passion in the talks and feeding demonstrations given in and around the various enclosures.

You can get right in amongst some of the residents too.

The wallabies and lemurs mingle with visitors, but reassuringly have their own private spaces to retreat into if they're not in the mood.

You can get up close to capybara, mara and squirrel monkeys too.

The big boys - lions, tigers and bears - all appear to have plenty of space and Good Friday visitors were lucky enough to see them all engaging in activity other than sunbathing.

Few of the park's creatures entertain quite like the baboons and the polar bears are massive and majestic.

It's not all walking and watching, though, the park has some terrific play areas, both indoor and outdoor.

And there are plenty of places to enjoy a picnic, if you don't fancy buying food onsite.