It’s OFFICIAL, Chesterfield is charming and fascinating as hell- according to the Daily Mail

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‘Next time you’re on the M1, turn off at junction 29,’ purrs the Daily Mail. ‘You won’t regret it’.

An article by the national, which you can read here, has dubbed Chesterfield a ‘fascinating’ English town that ‘still retains its charm’.

Travel writer Neil Clark found ‘much to admire’ about Chezzie- the ‘large, open-air market’, black and white mock-Tudor buildings on Knifesmithgate and the ‘magnificent’ Grade-II listed Town Hall to name a few.

The ‘excellent’ Chesterfield Museum and Pomegranate Theatre get a special mention, as well as the ‘wonderfully surreal’ Crooked Spire.

“It has been described as ‘the most famous architectural distortion north of Pisa’”, writes Neil.

He also draws upon notable Chesterfield figures such as ‘father of railways’ George Stephenson, the late actor John Hurt and former Labour MP Tony Benn.

All in all, Neil recommends the town as an ‘ideal base for attractions’ that is often overlooked but everyone should explore.

To be honest, we couldn’t agree more- it’s great that Chesterfield is getting the recognition it deserves. Keep it coming!