Gondoliers to be performed in Dronfield

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Meersbrook Park Church Operatic Society will be performing Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Gondoliers at Dronfield Civic Theatre from February 28-March 3.

It has been ten years since Meersbrook Park Operatic Society performed The Gondoliers, but its still a favourite of theirs and they are ready to show the audiences in Dronfield that they still have what it takes to put together a cracking show.

Director Brian Hirst and choreographer Julie Bee not only take on the responsibility of putting the whole production together, (alongside musical director Judith Wallace), but they are also taking to the stage as husband and wife, the Duke and Duchess of Plaza-toro.

The story takes us to back to 1750, a young bride of the heir to the throne arrives in Venice to join her husband, however, he cannot be identified, since he was entrusted to the care of a drunken gondolier who mixed up the prince with his own son.

If you want to see how the tale end and find out if the girl gets her man, then tickets are available by calling 01142 2557634.