Former detective turns spotlight on some of worst killers in show

A former murder squad detective is bringing a grisly audio-visual show – The World’s Worst Serial Killers – to West Nottinghamshire College’s Create Theatre.

The presentation, which comes to Mansfield on Wednesday, November 26, is taken from Trevor Marriot’s best-selling book called The Evil Within – The World’s Worst Serial Killers, and describes the murders committed by 20 of the most renowned killers this country has seen.

Trevor will give the audience a side to the murder stories that has never been seen or told before and with over 200 photographs of the victims as well as interviews with their killers.

The two-hour show portrays the killers as the monsters they were and is not for the faint-hearted, squeamish or people under 16.

To purchase tickets for the 7.30pm show, call 01623 413363 or visit