STAVELEY: Gardener’s cabbage holds world record

Did you know that a gardener in Staveley still holds the world record for producing the heaviest red cabbage - even though it was nearly 100 years ago?

The Guinness World Records show that R. Straw of Staveley produced a cabbage weighing in at a whopping 42lb (19.05kg) in 1925.

Derbyshire also boasts the highest parachute escape when aircraft officers escaped their exploding plane over Monyash, near Bakewell, in 1958 by freefalling from a height of 56,000ft with their parachutes opening at 10,000 ft.

More recently, Thorntons plc in Somerctoes, near Alfreton, produced the largest chocolate bar in 2011, tipping the scales at 5,792.50kg (12,770lb 4.48oz).

Fascinating facts from the county will be unveiled in the Guinness World Records new theatre show Officially Amazing Science Live! at Derby Assembly Rooms on Saturday, January 26 and at Buxton Opera House on Sunday, January 27.

The fun-filled, action-packed show takes a peek at the science behind of some the most incredible Guinness World Records titles. Packed with science facts and record-breaking information, the Officially Amazing show also gives audiences the chance to attempt real world records in front of an official record adjudicator.

The show takes the audience on a scientific journey of exploration and lifts the lid on the world we live in, answering those big questions; How has the human body changed over time? How long can someone defy gravity? Where is the UK’s loudest audience? This interactive science extravaganza is the perfect event for the family to enjoy together.

Audience members will be given an opportunity to attempt world records including the Loudest Scream and the Fastest Time to Duct Tape Yourself to a Wall, and one lucky audience member will be given the opportunity to join an official from Guinness World Records on stage to adjudicate.

Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief, Craig Glenday, said: “We’re really excited to bring the Officially Amazing Science Show to the Assembly Rooms this weekend. This is Derby’s chance to check out the science behind record-breaking – and perhaps even set a new Guinness World Record!”

* Do you know where R. Straw of Staveley grew his world-record red cabbage? Do you have any photos of him with his prized vegetable? Are you related to the green-fingered champion? Contact: or 01246 504529.