Stainsby Festival chief praises revellers

Festival organisers are basking in the warm glow of staging one of the most successful events for years.

A sun-drenched launch for the 45th Stainsby Festival brought crowds flocking to the festival site at Brunts Farm, near Heath, at the weekend.

Grassoline playing at Stainsby Festival

Grassoline playing at Stainsby Festival

Chairman Tony Trafford said: “The attendance was much better than recent years, probably owing to the fact that it wasn’t raining for the first time in six years.

“I’d have preferred the sun to be shining down from a clear blue sky all weekend but given the intense heat on the field during the set up, I think in the end we were actually grateful for the cool.

“The audience was just lovely. Stainsby is usually a very well behaved and mellow gathering but this year they excelled themselves. They were both very enthusiastic about the artists on the programme, appreciating the quality this year and at the same time so laidback as to be almost horizontal.”