Sharp-suited Eddie Izzard on his high horse

Eddie Izzard
Eddie Izzard

We were taken on a journey through the brilliant mind of Eddie Izzard at Nottingham’s Capital One Arena during his UK leg of the tour ‘force majeure’.

In a show influenced by his recent French tour, he revealed his intellect on british history, of past kings of England, expressed his political and religioius views, shared his insight on drug use at the Tour de France and his take on human sacrifice.

But as you followed the tales that he spun, they unravelled into comedy genius. A ludicrous sketch of God and Darth Vader, an absurd play on a Mark Anthony chicken and Cleopatra, and a digressed inner thought of a lost mole were among the many ridiculous thoughts from his bizarre mind.

Although the veteran comedian has replaced his dresses for a sharp suit, his high heels are still on while he is on his high horse with his left wing views. His act is all the more worldly and seasoned but it is still cynical.

I wasn’t too keen on watching a comedian at an arena. There is no magical stage lighting or set that needed the space, just his fan base that demanded a two-night stint at Nottingham. His success has led him to these venues which is great for him but I would prefer to get the intimacy of a smaller venue where I could then laugh with him amid a cosy audience rather than watch a dot on a stage, or the large screens. I should have just waited to buy his forthcoming DVD of the tour out in November and watch him from the comfort of my living room.

If Eddie Izzard’s success has led him to tour the world’s arenas with his shows I wonder what his next career move will be. He has already done Izzard the marathon man and Izzard the actor - I vote Izzard for Prime Minister.