Review: Slava’s Snow Show at Sheffield Lyceum

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From the moment he appears in the mist you are captivated by Assissiai - Slava’s clown.

The slightest gesture brings to life a character that is meek, bemused, kind and fragile mixed in with the late. great Chaplin incantations.

Assissiai is not your everyday looking clown... his dark make-up around his eyes and mouth that gives him a muddled naive look and his drooping plum nose, fluffy red slippers and his canary yellow costume, which I can only describe as an oversized onsie, warms your heart and draws you to him immediately.

I was accompanied to see Slava’s Snow Show at Sheffield’s Lyceum by my eight-year-old daughter and 73-year-old mother and both enjoyed the show equally, from the giant cobweb stretching from the stage over the heads of the audience, bubbles falling from the sky to the snow storm finale.

And just when you think it’s all over, giant inflatable balls are unleashed upon the audience and then no-one wants to leave.

It is a beautiful and magical show, one minute raucous laughter, the next you could hear a pin drop in the auditorium,

On asking my daughter Kiera what her favourite part was, “All of it” was her answer, and I have to agree. It is one of the most amazing, funny and heartwarming things I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching in a theatre.

If there’s any one show that you are able to catch this year I definitely recommend that you make it Slava’s Snow Show before it ends on Saturday, November 23.