Pearl’s pudding on the style

A colourful character called into Bakewell to help launch a speciality cupcake.

Pearl, who was created by Sheffield artist Wildago, popped up at the town’s Hartington School of Food.

The brainchild of Wilda Goyetche, who works under the name of Wildago, Pearl appeared in cardboard cutout form and in paintings and cards alongside her friends and relations.

The pop-up art gallery ran alongside the launch of cupcake Almond Dream, which is based on the Bakewell Pudding.

Wilda said: “Pearl is a kind of tarty character.”

Before adding Pearl the Bakewell Tart to her reputation, the girl about town worked the Sheffield pub circuit taking pride of place in similar pop-up art galleries.

Wilda, who is Canadian, worked in IT for 20 years before turning to art as a full-time profession.

The self-taught artist said: “I used to doodle a lot and was inspired by Beryl Cooke who didn’t start being an artist until she was 40.

“When I was 40 I thought I am going to see if I can paint characters and I started off with Pearl.”