On me Ed! Chris puts flesh on his radio star

Radio character Ed Reardon lights up the airwaves with his rants as a middle-aged writer failing miserably in his bid for posterity and prosperity while 12-year-old creative types are promoted out of their depth.

Six series of the Radio 4 sitcom have given the architect and voice of Ed the ammunition to deliver the bile-laden bullets in person.

And so it was that Christopher Douglas came to Chesterfield’s Pomegranate Theatre at the weekend to flesh out the character of Ed, who sweats blood at the coalface of creativity.

Ed Reardon: A Writer’s Burden was testament to the word power of Christopher and co-author Andrew Nickolds with its memorable one-liners and indelible imagery.

Christopher maintained the curmudgeonly character of Ed for the hour-long performance as he ranted about crimes against punctuation and the decline of television. However, his delivery at Saturday’s performance was occasionally too fast-paced for spectators to fully absorb the wit and wisdom.

Sidekicks Nicola Sanderson and Josh Darcy breathed life into elements from the radio show recreating stories from Ed’s novel Pet Peeves, re-enacting the one episode he wrote for Tenko and characterising his cat Elgar, complete with feather duster tail.

Famous faces such as Martin Amies and Carla Lane were also immortalised in this rollercoaster ride through Ed’s life in which our hero consistently resembled a fish out of water.