New club hopes to be music to Glossop’s ears

Simon Galloway from Glossop is launching a record club.
Simon Galloway from Glossop is launching a record club.

Disheartened by soulless MP3s, the shuffle button and our “twitchy impatience”, a Glossop record collector is launching a one-man crusade to save music.

Longing for the days when listening to music was an activity in its own right, Simon Galloway is hoping to bring back the joys of hearing an album in full.

By starting what he believes will be the only record club in the East Midlands, he aims to get music lovers vehement about vinyl again.

Simon, a radio producer, said: “We very rarely take the time to listen to an album, with shuffle, people skit between genres and tracks.”

He said he’d like to think of the club as a musical equivalent of a book club, meeting to listen to vinyl in a relaxed environment, free from distractions.

The self-confessed “music anorak” spoke of his “musical awakening”, which prompted him to look at how he listened to tracks and how that had changed over time.

He said it was a shame that people no longer took the time to actually stop and properly listen, saying: “Like many, I’m always doing something else. Cooking. Driving. Playing along on guitar. Or on the train. Or in front of a computer with hundreds of songs drifting past my ears on shuffle.”

The Bowie fan cited an article he read describing our habit to chop and change, as “twitchy impatience”.

He told the Advertiser: “I wasn’t getting the same enjoyment from music. Something was missing. So I got my turntable repaired. Records have a visual element. We can see them playing. Putting an iPod on doesn’t have the same quality.”

As Simon explains on his blog: “I found that the tactile aspects of handling the record, seeing the disc spinning while the music played and looking at the artwork all fed into a more complete and enjoyable experience. I felt enlightened! I wanted more and I wanted to share my revelation!”

After researching record clubs, he discovered they did exist but the nearest was in Shipley, West Yorkshire, so he decided to set one up himself.

He added: “It’s a place for music fans to share old favourites, discover something new and of course discuss the merits of what’s being played. Above all, it’s about listening to, appreciating and enjoying music.”

The events will usually revolve around a theme a year, an artist, producer, a record label with a couple of featured albums.

The club will meet on the second Thursday of every month at Glossop Labour Club, on Chapel Street at 8pm, with the inaugural meeting on September 12.

The first theme will be on albums released in 1973, in honour of Simon’s 40th birthday, and the featured LP will be Roxy Music’s ‘For Your Pleasure’.

Members are invited to vote for the second album online at the club’s website: