Wwolves barking up the right tree


SUCCESSFUL collaboration on any creative process requires a pack mentality.

At the very least it needs a shared vision of what you’re all working towards - or somebody with a black shirt and a very big stick overseeing matters.

Whether it’s down to empathy or dictatorship is uncertain, but the combined efforts of disparate players brought together as Wwolves certainly sing with one voice.

The collective orbits around Ripley musician Paul Whittington who, as well playing bass for local outfits Burdock and Ejectorseat, has been working with local producer Chris Harding on his own songs.

After inviting other local musicians to work with him on an album, the recording grew into a huge project - which has just borne its first fruit.

A double A-side single is a hint of what the full LP (ask yer Dad, kids) will offer.

Something’s Got To Give rings out with chiming guitar tones that Peter Buck would lose his religion for.

And there are some lovely melancholy harmonies on his piece of subtle folky pop.

It’s Morning is a similarly countrified lament, carefully crafted and given plenty of room to breathe.

Tasteful pedal steel and fiddle additions - with everyone playing for the track, not themselves - lift the track into a richly-textured gem of understated sophistication.

A live band is now being put together for Wwolves gigs in the summer and the album ...For Victory is due for release next month.

The single is available via Amazon, iTunes and Naptser, for more, see www.myspace.com/wwolvesmusic